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Do you really understand yourself?
I got my first premium designer bag when I was in middle school. It was something I wished for, pined for, dreamed for and worked hard for. As soon as I acquired my Dior Mini Saddle Bag, all bets were off. I was hooked on bags for life. At the time I still rotated the usage of my beloved Dior with some of my other bags which included one Coach bag and a bunch of nylon LeSportsac bags—who remembers? Then in high school Rebecca Minkoff became popular and I acquired a couple of her bags as well which I worked into my rotation. Eventually, I got a second premium designer bag, an LV Speedy, and my collection sort of took off from there. I found that the more luxury bags I acquired, the less attention I paid to my contemporary bags, even though many of them were great bags that I and others found highly covetable at the time. I guess the luxury of owning luxury—pun intended—took over in my early twenties, and even though my collection was a lot smaller back then, I only rotated through the few premium designer bags I owned and tossed the others aside. The last 4-5 years my need to carry certain bags only has worn off, and I’ve enjoyed diversifying my collection a bit more. I’ve added a number of contemporary bags to my collection (full disclosure: some were gifted and some were purchased), and I no longer favor premium designer bags over everything else. Currently I live in a small NYC apartment, and my bags are stored in every nook and cranny of my bedroom. Some are underneath my bed in a box, others are on top of my closet in a plastic bin, and the ones I reach for most often are on the shelves built into my closet. With most of my collection stored and out of eyesight, I forget how much I have sometimes and a recent closet clean-out reminded me how grateful I am to have all of the bags that I do. Now more than ever I, like so many, am shopping my own closet and rediscovering many of my bags.
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